Thursday, December 23, 2010


Look, I'm very grateful to have a job.  It's a rough economy and they aren't as easy to come across, especially in something that you love.  With all of that said, I don't want to see anyone lose their job.

However, thank you to the New Jersey Devils organization for waking up and releasing John MacLean of his coaching duties.

I've written on here numerous times that MacLean had to go.  It was not an easy decision for Lamoriello to make.  MacLean's been with the Devils since the 1980s (minus a few years at the end of his career when he bounced around to a few other teams) but this isn't a sentimental business.  It's a business.  And the proof is in the pudding.  The team is 9-22-2.  20 points.  Last in the league.  Only 59 goals scored, last in the league.

The main question is what took so long.  Really, what took so long?  Lamoriello has fired two previous coaches within the last two-three weeks of the regular season when the team was about to WIN the division because he didn't like a change.  Those teams were set for home ice advantage in the playoffs and the coach was outed.  This coach has the team almost eliminated in December and held onto his job for that long.  Shocking.

So now what?  Jacques Lamaire comes back as the interim head coach and the Devils move on.  We play the Islanders tonight, the typical laughing stock of the NHL and now a team with the same number of points as us, and we trudge forward.  For 90 points, it would require a 35-14 record the rest of the way.  Impossible?  No, not really.  Likely, no, not really.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just Knock It Off

And I'm not telling the Jets players, coaches, fans, or anyone else in the organization to knock it off.  I'm looking directly at the media in this country.  Get off this team's Johnson.  Seriously, back up and get off.

It's quite simple what's going on: Jealousy.  All the other NFL fans are jealous of the Jets.  And the rest of the country is jealous that we're New York.

Ok, I can hear everyone now ranting about 'why would I ever be jealous of the New York Jets?'.  Pretty simple actually.  First off, we have a coach that most NFL players want to play for.  He's boastful, confident, and proud.  And he'll tell you that, over and over and over.  He's not shy or paranoid.  He'll tell you the truth, plain and simple.  Secondly, because of all of that, the Jets have been thrust into the national spot light.  Admit it, you want your team to be there.  You want your players and logo to be flashed across the country.  The Texans, the Bengals, the Rams, the Bucs?  None of those teams are even close to the media spot light.  Another reason?  We're winning.  19 regular season wins in just under two full seasons, with a first time coach and a 24 year old quarterback, plus two playoff wins last year.

The rest of the country, outside of this tri-state area, hates New York.  We have everything.  We're everything people strive to be.  People want to come here.  We have every nationality in the world living within our quarters.  College students in the Southeast, South, West, Mid-America, everywhere... all you do is hear how they want to 'make it' in New York.  The Big Apple.  The Lime Light.  So yes, everyone that is not here, everyone who is in their own 'home' is immediately jealous of us.  We just continue to have to light shine on us and you can't handle it.

This Jets team is reminding me of the 1986 New York Mets.  Everyone hated them.  They were too arrogant.  Too cocky.  They'd go to bars after games, drink, start bar brawls, go home to pass out, show up at the stadium the next night hungover, and win!  They'd trash hotel rooms on the road.  They'd fight each other on their own plane just because there weren't strangers on the flight.  But, in the fall of 1986, they were World Series Champions!  They didn't give a damn what people though about them and neither do these Jets.

0o0o0o0 Braylon Edwards got a DUI... That's his error, but guess what, he's not the only athlete or person to get a Duie.  o0o0o0o Rex Ryan got caught giving the middle finger to people in Miami... He's a human who had just been spat on, that guy is lucky all he got was a middle finger. 0o0o0o0o0 the Jets players got caught whistling at a beat reporter... Ask any good looking woman, wearing extremely tight clothes, to work in a locker room setting and they would all expect to have a few cat calls come their way.  0o0o0o0o a coach tripped a player during the game... So what, happens more often than we think. 0o0o0o0o Rex and his wife still have fun and love each other after 22 years of marriage and taped themselves with a weird foot fetish.... why is this even a story??

Jealousy and boredom.  That's all this stems from.  People hate that the Jets are good and want to knock us as much as possible.  To all those Giants, and Patriots, and Dolphins, and all other fans who have an issue with this... suck it.  I'm going to get a god damn snack.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Near Attack

Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump.  Those were the audible sounds coming from my chest late Sunday afternoon as Big Ben was getting dangerously close to the Jets end zone to win the game.  On first down, and second down, and third down the defense did a fantastic job limiting the Steelers offense and creating looong 4th downs for them to have to convert.  And convert they did.  Over and over again.  All the way down the 10 yard line.

First play, rocket pass to the back of the end zone, between two Steelers, and an incomplete pass.  Heart’s pumping a little bit more.  Two seconds left.  One more play.  One final chance for Ben to stab the Jets.  Second play, scramble to the left, throw to the back corner, incomplete.  Jets win!  22-17 victory, in Pittsburgh.  10-4 record.  Control of our playoff lives.  Win and we’re in.  Two games to get that win.

There were plenty of things to be grateful for from Sunday’s complete victory, things that will help wash away the bitterness from the last two games.  Sanchez played a strong, turnover free game.  The running game was able to move the ball against the great Pittsburgh defense.  Braylon Edwards for 100 yards.  Brad Smith for 97 yards to start the game.  Jason Taylor for the safety.  Drew Coleman for being a Jet version of Troy Palamalu.  Schotty for being an aggressive conservative.  The naked bootleg off the play action.

Win and we’re in.  Go to Chicago on Sunday and beat the Bears.  They already clinched their division, did it last night.  Will they be hungry?  Will they have the urgency?  We’ll find out soon enough.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Down, A Lot More To Go

Last night's Devils victory, to me, felt magical.  There were so many positives to take from the game:

  • Ilya Kovalchuk produced his first two-goal game as a NJ Devil.
  • Martin Broduer was solid throughout the entire game, especially in the 3rd period, to record is 113th career shutout
  • Brian Rolston, just hours after clearing through waivers, played a very strong and active game
  • Patrik Elias was all over the ice
  • Dainius Zubrus was a bull in the middle of the ice and made things happen
  • Mattias Tedenby was very close, on a few occasions, to adding to his impressive, albeit small, rookie resume
  • Anssi Salmela made his season debut and helped fortify the defense
  • Special teams shone once again.  One power play goal and nothing allowed while shorthanded.
All good and great things.  However, when we all awoke this morning, there were two truths that were still rearing their ugly heads:
  • The Devils are 18 points behind the two teams tied for the 8th and final playoff spot.
  • To reach 88 points, the fewest points gained to make the playoffs in the shoot-out era, the Devils will have to finish the season 34-18.
Not easy.  But last night, it felt good.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Barely Holding On

I'm barely, but somehow, holding on while the Devils are barely breathing.  I'm putting a bit of personal faith into tonight's contest vs Phoenix.  I'm not sure why.  Nothing I've read or heard about has changed my overall outlook of this team, but for some reason, this evening, I'm feeling faithful.  Losing five in a row is tough.  No doubt.  It needs to end there.  I truly feel it can not be extended past five straight loses.

Now, should I put the game on and we're trailing by more than a goal in the first period, that channel will be changed and not put back on the rest of the night.  Even if I catch wind that we're winning, or tied for that matter.


So Brian Rolston was placed on waivers yesterday... so what?  He passed through and no body took him.  All that means is nothing.  He's still on our roster.  Still has a chunk of money going against our salary cap.  Still frustrating the hell out of the fans.  Maybe he can go to the minors, but probably not since his salary will still count against the cap.  So really, the only news the Devils made in the last couples of days has been nothing.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not Overly Worried

Ok, ok so the Number 1 team I didn't want Cliff Lee to sign with was the New York Yankees and I got that wish.  However the Number 2 team somehow swept in undetected and snatched him.  Damn you Filthadelphia Fillies.

At first thought, at first glance, this is a terrible thing to happen to the Mets.  Division opponent locking up the best free agent and one of the best pitchers in baseball for the next six years, damn that hits home and hurts.  Pile on top of that the fact the Mets haven't really made any player splash, any news, this off-season and the sting gets a bit bigger.  And for the icing?  Knowing that the Phillies will have one of the deepest rotations in baseball and one of all time, lining up with the Orioles of the 70s and Braves of the 90s.  Lee, Roy Halladay and Oswalt and Cole Hamels.

But that's where it stops.  Like I just said, at first glance, that was all bad stuff to read and bear.  Let's look at it this way, for the Mets at least.  We weren't going to be in contention this upcoming season and, depending how next off-season plays out, we may be in it 2012.  Ok, so let the Phillies reap these benefits next season and maybe the following.  Because after that, from 2013 on, the Phillies are screwed.

Halladay will be 35 years old and making $20 million.  Lee will be 34 and making the same money through 2016.  Ryan Howard will be 33 starting in 2013 and making at least $20 million for the next three years.  And a 33 year old Chase Utley will be pulling in $15 million.  And if the Phillies want to keep Oswalt, Jimmy Rollins, Raul Ibanez or Brad Lidge, just add many many more $$$ to the payroll.

This is all on top of the oldest team in baseball in 2010 and a team that just got older.  A team that lost its best field player this off-season (Jason Werth).  A team ravaged with injuries for the last number of years (Utley and Rollins).  A team who's biggest bat had the smallest 2010 season (Howard).

Coming up, the Phillies will be getting older and older and their GM will be handcuffed because of the contracts he's given out over the last two seasons.  So, yes, I admit it, this is the Phillies time.  2011 and 2012 are the years for the Phillies to win and win because.  Because after that time, they're screwed.  And that's the time the New York Metropolitians will be making their move!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hour to Go

In about one hour we'll take the field, at home, against our division rival, the Miami Dolphins, and talk about a game that we must win.  After last week's embarrassing loss to the Patriots, we can not afford another loss.  The most obvious reason being that nothing is guaranteed to us and even though we begin last Monday at 9-2, the possibility of 9-4 is pretty close, and daunting, and should scary any and every Jets fan. But the other reason is all mental.  After such a whooping last week, we don't know what Jets team will take the field.  Will they be pissed and ready to roll?  Or will they be questioning themselves and tentative?  A fast start is a must.

The weather will not be the best at the Meadowlands this afternoon and in my opinion favors the Dolphins.  Shockingly their quarterback plays his best football against us but it's their running game that is scary.  They have two pretty decent backs and the always dangerous formation of Wild Cat in their pocket.  The Jets can not allow them to control the line of scrimmage and keep possession of the ball.  If that happens, at the end of the game we'll be seeing Sanchez have to sling out there and with his past few games, who's overly confident in that?

What we all need is the Jets offensive line to prove that they are one of the best units in the league and allow Tomlinson and Greene to average over 4.5 yards per carry and the true Ground&Pound come alive.  Allow Sanchez to take shots at times, when it's the right time, but not all the time.  Keep our defense off the field and allow them to stay rested and fresh in the 4th quarter.

As Steve Serby wrote this morning... Just shut up and win!

No Mas!

Seriously... I asked yesterday afternoon when is enough enough and then we had to witness last night's horrible drubbing to the Red Wings at The Rock.  Back to back home games and they Devils find themselves in a 2-0 hole less than two minutes into the game!  Are you serious?!?!?

And the biggest shock to all of this is how does Coach John MacLean still have his job?  He should not have left the arena last night as the HC of the NJD.  Again, not all of the blame falls on the coach but at some point, he's the scape goat.  Can him already.  I can't stand to watch my favorite team of all time just take the ice and know that they are going to lose.  And I'm starting to get tired of Lou Lamoriello.  He keeps saying that the blame and all the negativity falls on him because he's the GM and makes the decisions.  Well, if that's the case, what the hell are you waiting for to get rid of your coach?  I've already talked about how difficult it will be for Lou to get rid of such a long time Devil, but for the betterment of the team and organization as a whole, get rid of MacLean.

I'm done with them for this season as long as MacLean is still behind the bench.  Sure, I'll read an article or two about them following a game.  But, you're not going to see me a game.  I'm not going to spend any more money or emotion on a team that doesn't seem to care.  It's damn near impossible for this team to make the playoffs for the 15th straight season, needing to go something like 38-16 the rest of the way.  It's not going to happen with this coach and this direction.

It's ripping out my heart.  I'm done.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

@ the game...

It really has become the appropriate time to ask when is enough enough?  Seriously, even when the Devils get a few of their better players back in the lineup, including the world's greatest goalie, they can't win.  Losing last night to the Senators, 3-2, had let to Jason Arnott's 'the playoffs might be impossible' comment last night.

And once the players are beginning to feel that way, it's over.  It's one thing for the fans, such as this guy, to feel that way but in the end, I don't have any control over what takes place on the ice.  But the players?  Hell, they're the ones that put themselves in this position to begin with.  Coach's and GM's fault?  Maybe.  Certainly do have to put some of the blame on them.  But we all know it always comes down to the players.

With that though, I will be in attendance for my second consecutive Devils - Red Wings match up and hopefully my spirit, home ice, and healthy players will allow our Devils to come away with two points.  And hopefully at least three goals.  I want to see some excitement.  Heading off to Brick City now, The Rock later.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Ok, so some time has passed and I've been able to calm down a bit from the embarrassing Jets loss Monday night to the Patriots.  Don't remember the game?  Well, check out the highlights here.

But ya know what, things are okay.  The skies are sunny, the weather is crisp and the Jets are 9-3 and fully in the playoff picture this afternoon.  When you look at the standings, there are only two teams that are at 10-2; the previously mentioned Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.  And there are only four teams, the Jets included, that sit at 9-3.  Two in the AFC and two in the NFC.  If the playoffs started tomorrow, the Jets would be in and would be traveling to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars.  Hell, we can clinch a playoff spot this weekend, with a win over the Dolphins and some other help.

Now, there is one thing to keep in mind.  The schedule is not easy or friendly down the stretch.  We have a home game this weekend against the Dolphins who are always competitive against us.  Then we have back to back road games in Pittsburgh and Chicago; two of the other teams that are 9-3.  Not fun to look at.

And they way the team has played for most of the season, there isn't a lot to be comfortable about.  Sanchise has not looked the part for the last two games.  The running game is very suspect at times.  The defense still has no pass rush.  The middle of the defense is extremely weak against the pass.

There's a lot to work on.  A lot to be worried about.  But also a lot to look forward to.. Playoffs, divisional games, chasing New England, Super Bowl.  And it all starts up Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lost Monday

Seriously, yesterday might have been the most wasteful day of the week, the season, hell, even the calendar year.  So much hype and so much hope going into last night's Jets game and what did we, the Jets fans as well as the rest of the f*cking country get?  A white-washing in which only one team showed up!  

The Jets?!?  They f*cking stayed in Florham Park.  Wusses!  Every single one of them.  No one showed up to play last night.  What?  Too cold?  Too scared?  Just not good enough?  God damn at least give some effort.  There may have been one Jet who looked as if he gave a rat's ass last night and that was Shonn Greene.  Everyone else?  Stayed in the damn hotel.  Sh*t, the best high school team in this year would have put up a better fight than those players wearing white jerseys last night.

Disgraceful and shameful.  Pathetic and disheartening.  Enraging and frustrating.  And ya know who needs to get his share of the blame?  The coach.  Rex Ryan.  He was damn straight to call out that Belichick is the best coach in the league because, well, he is.  As long as he has Tom Brady, who was barely touched or even pressured last night (except for one series which included back to back sacks).  Pretty Boy was allowed to sit in the pocket and pick the Jets defense, or Jets ghosts, apart.  Let me get this straight Jets defense... You're going to only rush three but then sit back in a zone?  Against Brady?  Hmmmmmm, smart.  F*cking morons.

Go ahead... relive it.  Now

And if that game wasn't bad enough, I get to flip the channel just to see, as usual, the f*cking Devils losing, again!  To another divisional opponent.  Another game with them only scoring one goal.  Weak!  Sad!

MacLean still has a job?  Really?  Why?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sexy Rexy

How can you not run through a wall for this man?

Game Day

Tonight's the game that has been circled on most of our calendar's since the end of Week 2.  The rematch.  Jets - Patriots, in Foxborough.  We knew back in September that this game would have some meaning behind it, even if it is only that it's a division game, late in the season, payback on the mind for New England.

What we're getting in eight hours is so, so much more.  We're getting two 9-2 teams.  Two 9-2 franchises that despise one another, no matter how friendly and politically correct the coaches and players speak to the media.  They hate each other.  No one in Green and White has any love for someone wearing Red and Blue.  There is a ton of history and dirt that leads to this feeling, to this disdain but that is in the past.  None of that will matter in eight hours.  Only hatred.  And the chance to go 10-2.

Win tonight's game and move to 10-2. First place in the AFC East.  First place in the AFC.  #1 seed for the playoffs in your own hands.  So yeah, Rex Ryan is right by saying it and you know that Bill Belichick is right by thinking it: Tonight's game is the biggest NFL game of the season so far and one of the biggest games in NFL regular season history.

There's a lot in favor of the Patriots, don't get me wrong.  Tom Brady doesn't lose at home.  He doesn't lose in December.  He doesn't lose twice in a season to the same opponent.  He's been lights out since New England got rid of Randy Moss.  He was perfect in his last game.  To some, he's Mr Everything.

But he's not winning tonight.

He will not beat Mark Sanchez, who will face a weak pass rush and a weaker secondary and will duplicate his Week 2 numbers.  He will not beat Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes, who missed the first game but has been everything and more for the Jets the last five weeks.  He will not beat Ground and Pound, who will dig out their dirty yards and keep the New England offense off the field.  He will not beat Darrell Revis because, well, no one beats a healthy Darrell Revis.  He will not beat Bart Scott and Calvin Pace, another Jet who missed the first meeting and adds another wrinkle to the defense.  He may find some room in the middle of the field because Mr. Overachiever Jim Leonhard can't be there, but he won't beat our secondary.

The New York Jets will storm into New England and come away with a hard fought, high scoring game.  They will take over first place in the AFC.  They will bruise the Patriots.

They will not be beat!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Qatar... Huh?

First posting for this team, and maybe I think I'll show some more love to them as time goes on, because obviously the FIFA voting committee didn't give any love to the USA or US Men's National Team.

A few hours again it was announced that the small, small, very hot, very hot country of Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup (Russia beat out England to host the 2018 WC).  And I believe the reaction around the entire country is... WHAT?!?! HUH?!?!?! REALLY?!?!?! BULLSH*T?!?!?!?

Look, I totally understand if Australia would have upset the US and won the rights to host the 2022 World Cup.  They've held International events previously, have an up and coming league, and the people there are generally nice.  Plus, I would have loved a reason to go to Australia in 12 years.

But Qatar?  Come on man...

The country is smaller than Connecticut, games will be played in the summer so all matches will be over 100 degrees, 10 of the 12 stadiums will be within 20 miles of each other, it's in the Middle East, it's a waste of money, there are so many potential political issues that can come up over the next 4,230 days.

FIFA had to deal with the stress of South Africa almost not being ready this past World Cup and now that country is dealing with the fact that all the new stadiums built for the tournament are going unused; waste of money.  For the next three years, FIFA will be stressing that Brazil (our hosts in 2014) is going to struggle to get ready on time.

You would think that the governing body of soccer would want some stability and the least amount of stress possible leading up to their largest event.  Hosting the World Cup in the USA would allow that.  Think about it.  We already have oodles of stadiums built, we have the strongest economic footing of all the other bidders, we have fans of every county that would participate so you know that all the stadiums would be full, for every match.  We have the best and biggest hotels and airports in the world, so travel would be a breeze (maybe not in NYC, but it's better than the Middle East!).

So now we wait... and deal with the head to head battle with England for the 2026 World Cup.

Qatar, really?!?!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Injuries Are a Pain

No, really, they are a pain.  I would know, I'm in the midst of some injuries now, but that's neither here nor there.

At the start of the Devils season, I, we, Devils Nation, we're all somewhat glad with the two injuries that hit the Devils roster.  Both Annsi Salmela and Bryce Salvador were hurt and because they were placed on the IR, the Devils had enough salary cap space to fill out the roster.  Great.

However, the damn injury bug kept biting.

Marty Brodeur (elbow), Zach Parise (knee), Jacob Josefson (thumb), Jamie Langenbrunner (neck), Brian Rolston, Matthew Corrente (upper body), Mark Fraser hand), Matt Taormina (ankle), and Anton Volchenkov all hurt at one point or another.  And of that list, only Rolston and Volchenkov are back!

Look, I'm sure in due time, and maybe even later this season after some more minor league season, that Stephen Gionta, Alexander Vasyunov, Olivier Mangan, and Mark Fayne will round out, gain some more skill and can help out.

But in the meantime, let's start getting our boys back and healthy.  Jamie should be back on Thursday night, but the rest are a toss up.  Just like the games, one at a time.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Almost Typical

As much promise the Nets show you one night, it's as much head scratchingness they show you the following.  Look, I know, I get it.  The team was not going to be, and will not be, a playoff team this season.  I knew that coming into the season.  All I asked for was to play hard and competitive each night and continue to get better.  Grow the kids.  Show some emotion and excitement.

And for the most part, they've done that.  The record isn't the prettiest in the league, 6-11, but that is half the amount of wins from all of last season, and they haven't played a quarter of the season yet.

But damn.  Brook Lopez.  Not the stud night in, night out that you should be.  There is no question or doubt that you are a 20-10 guy for this team and yet you sometimes, most of the time, struggle to be a 15-7 man.  Devin Harris.  Too inconsistent.  I don't admit to watching all the games, or even some of all the games, but I watch every now and then.  Why, to me, does it seem as if Jordan Farmar is playing more than you?  You're our All-Star.  Act it.  Terrence Williams.  D-League?!?!?!?!  Really dude? You're that immature and dumb that you need to get shipped to the middle of the country to play?  Can't get any sloppy minutes with the big club?

Ah there's a lot more to ramble on now.  But I'm hungry and don't want to lose my appetite.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Game Recap

My first ever holiday sporting event took place last night as I was lucky enough to be at The Meadowlands with my ever-thankful-for-girlfriend for Jets-Bengals.  A match up of teams with mirroring records; 8-2 for the Jets and a lowly 2-8 Cincinnati.

Last night's Jets game meant so much if everything went right but would be so bad if things went wrong.  Playing on the Thanksgiving for the first time in a few years, we went into the game totally expecting to win.  The Bengals may be one of the worst teams in the NFL, had a wide receiver that may be stinkier than poop but runs a big mouth, and is coming off an embarrassing loss the week before.  But the Jets have a tendency to play to the level of their opponent, knowing that New England won earlier in the day and it immediately became a larger game they could not lose.

And as usual, the game started very slowly for the Jets.  Painfully slow and disappointing.  The way the first half went was as typical as the last number of games, the offense could not move the ball whatsoever but the defense was stout as always.  Only down 7-3 at the half, the boys really took it to them in the last 30 minutes.

All season long the team has tried to run its version of the Wild Cat, the Seminole as they call it.  And run it they do, just never successfully.  And while last night it didn't really run all that well; the main person behind it had his breakout performance of the season.  Brad Smith had two different electrifying runs, a 55 yard end around and a 90 yard kick off return, for touchdowns.  The man was so hot he burned his shoe off his left foot on the kick off return run.

A 7-3 deficit became a 26-10 victory.  A win that was decided well before the last few minutes of the game.  A record that keeps them at the top of the AFC.  A date with the Patriots next Monday night, which will be the biggest regular season game of the year.  A holiday game to remember.  A season, so far, to be thankful for.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Here We Go

It took over time.  It took a shoot out.  But in the end, the Devils went to bed last night with two more points and another victory.  It's very, very sad to say but the Devils are the last team in the league to record back to back wins this season.  Yes, sad, I know.

But they have won two in a row now.  And gotten five out of a possible six points at home in the last three games, so they are moving in the right direction.

Tomorrow is the key.  1 PM game against the league worst Islanders, a team that has lost 14 straight games!  14!  We can not let them get their first win in a long long time.  Gain that killer attitude and take them out.  Make life miserable for them and keep continuing to churn out points.  Up, it's the only way to go.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Easy Does It

One game isn't going to change everything (in the World Cup, one game can change the world, but that's neither here nor there).  However last night's Devils victory did enough for one night.  Did enough to allow the players to breathe.  Did enough to potentially jump start a decent offense.  Did enough to showcase a promising 20 year old, Mattias Tedenby.  Did enough to keep Coach MacLean's job for the time being.

Again one win, a 5-0 stomping over the NHL's top squad, the Washington Capitals, will not change how poor this time has played the first 20 games of the season.  It's not going to change that we're still tied for 29th in a 30 team league.  It's not going to change all the injuries that have mounted.  It's not going to change the notion that this team might not make the playoffs.

But it will help.  It'll help when we face off against the Calgary Flames, and old Coach Brent Sutter, at home tomorrow evening.  It'll help when we play the 30th ranked team, the New York Islanders.  It'll help keep the fans a bit interested, even though we're still in the final week of just November!

Easy does it.  They say that one game doesn't make or break a season for professional teams.  Well, right now, the Devils are as close to breaking and losing their season as they can afford.  But the one win can help. And that's all I can ask.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Man In Charge

In the end, it became Terry Collins.  Mr. Collins, the 61 year old, the former manager of the Astros and Angels, the fiery and intense and demanding man has been given the reins of our New York Mets.  Only a two year deal, so we'll see how it lasts.  But he is our man for the time being so we must accept it, whether we love it or not, got to accept it.

And I do.  He's different than Jerry Manuel, Willie Randolph, and Art Howe.  He's closer to Bobby Valentine.  Surprise surprise. The last great Mets manager, the one that the fans wanted back at the end of the 2010 season, most resembles the manager the Mets just hired.  He did well, that man.  Took us to the playoffs.  Even the World Series.

Here's to hoping that Terry does the same.

Good luck.

Santonio Holmes!

Back in April, when the Jets made the trade for Santonio Holmes, I was cautiously optimistic, probably the way most Jets fans felt.  Yes, the team was getting a Super Bowl MVP and a clutch reception receiver but they were also getting a potential character issue.  I mean, he was suspended for the first four games this season, he is one strike away from a full season suspension, he has to compete with Braylon Edwards as the alpha receiver and he's a free agent at the end of this season.

So really, who were we getting?

Well, since he's come back from suspension, especially in four of the last 5 games, he has been the Jets MVP and can be a league MVP if he keeps it up.  Holmes has been everything and more for the Jets the last month.  A perfect teammate and the best friend for Mark Sanchez.

- Set up the winning touchdown by drawing a pass interference call in Denver.
- Catch and run to set up the winning field goal in overtime in Detroit
- Game winning catch and run, again in overtime, in Cleveland.
- 120+ yards and two touchdowns, including the game winner with 10 seconds left yesterday, vs Houston.

It has definitely turned into Holmes Time!

Holy sh*t

Ok, so going into yesterday's Jets game, I knew that I was going to be missing the game live.  I had my Tough Mudder run in the late morning/early afternoon so I would be DVRing the game and watching when I got home.  And watch it, I did.  I wasn't as loud and energetic and crazy as I usually am, mostly because the game wasn't live.  I had no idea what was taking place, but it just wasn't live.

As advertised, the defense is playing shut down football, Darrell Revis is an absolute stud, Mark Sanchez is leading the offense nicely and everything is moving along perfectly.  We're winning, 23-7, and I couldn't be feeling any better (except for the almost entire body soreness of my event, yeah, that's me, smiling with the beard).

And then Shonn fumbles and everything positive and all the emotion from the Meadowlands gets sucked out.  Bang!  Matt Schaub hits a ridiculously wide open Kyle Dressens for a 40 + yard touchdown.  Bang, the Jets give the ball back.  Bang! Arian Foster dives in for the touchdown and just like that, just over two minutes to go, we're trailing 24-23.  WTF!  But it's okay, we have 2 time outs remaining and plenty of time to move into field goal range.  But then, Bang!  Sanchez throws a pick and all seems to be over.  And then, Bang!  My DVR shuts off, it's 4 PM.

Upset, pissed off, annoyed, I grab my girlfriend's phone to look up the final score, expecting it to be the same or for us to have lost 27-23.  I'm staring at her phone in disbelief, until she asks me what's wrong.  All I can mutter is, 'we won'.  What the hell happened!  30-27, Jets win!  8-2, still atop the AFC East!  Sanchez, Holmes, Edwards, Tomlinson!  The Cardiac Kids do it again!

Like I said... Holy sh*t!

Friday, November 19, 2010

How Much Longer?

Look, I'm almost as big of a Devils fan as you're going to find and I'm also a huge fan of John MacLean.  I remember #15 from what I first start watching hockey and formed my bond with the New Jersey team.  He was the man that I wanted in charge of this club this past summer.  Very excited with Lou when he made the decision to make the next Devils coach an in house member, a person who paid his dues as a player and as a minor league coach.

Although I'm a fan, I'm a realist.  MacLean's time has run out.  He must be fired and somebody (at this point, anybody) else must get on board and try to right the ship. The team can't win.  They can't score.  Can't stop the other team from scoring. Not playing Devils hockey.

It will be a painful thing for Lou to do, and for the lifelong fans to go through.  For him to pull the trigger and fire the man he put in place only five months ago, but it has to be done.  Although many outsiders probably think it, the season is not yet over.  They haven't quite yet played a quarter of the season, so it can be turned around.  But, not with this coach, not now.

#15 will always be in our Devil hearts and Devil minds.  Heck, he scored the overtime goal to get the Devils into the franchise's first ever playoff appearance.  For a long time he held the record for most points as a Devil.  But he unfortunately will also go down as one of the most unsuccessful Devil coaches.

Do it Lou.  Pull it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jerricho Cotchery

Coach Ryan said after yesterday's win that Mark Sanchez is 'tough as nails'.  If that's the case, what is Cotchery after this amazing play?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

Now that's what I'm talking about!  For most of the game it was ugly and gut wrenching.  The stupid kicker misses three field goals and you watch the opposing team start to move quickly into your own territory during overtime until FUMBLE!!!!  Oh Chansi Stuckey, the ex-Jet, we love ya, we love ya, we love ya.  Keep fumbling the ball baby!

Going into the Dog-Pound this afternoon the Jets and its fans knew that this game would not be an easy one.  Although it was the Browns, and their 3-5 mark, on the schedule, it was not the same old Browns. Coming off two impressive victories over the Saints and Patriots while featuring a new power running back, the Jets had every reason to show up 100% today.  And when they needed it most, show up they did!
Mark Sanchez just keeps growing up this season.  Three more touchdowns this afternoon (two with the arm, one via the feet) and another late win.  The leg injury sure as hell scared the fans because there is no trust in Mark Brunell, but we didn't need to worry.  Sanchise bounced right back up and, when it matter most, found Santonio Holmes on perfect inside cross and Holmes made sure he wasn't going to get caught from behind this time around.  Touchdown.  Game over.  26-20.  Jets.  7-2!
I'll come back to talk about the idiot kicker later in the week.


Friday night - Back and forth and back and forth and then again.  Back to back games for the Devils ended up in overtime and for the second straight time the game ended up on the stick of Ilya Kovalchuk.  Good thing this one ended with him taking a shot.  A shot that hit the back of the net!  Devils knocking off the Oilers 4-3 in overtime.

I'm fully away that they are still mightily struggling, hell, some would even say still sucking.  And as a huge Devils fan (with probably too much bias) I can't argue that, the record shows it.  But, nonetheless, they have accumulated three out of the last four points (reaching, I know).  They've scored seven regulation goals in those two games.  And they are getting a bit healthy.
They need to keep gaining points and scoring goals and winning games.  Get the confidence.  Get some swagger.  Start climbing the standings ladder.


Oh yeah, the Nets.  Tough loss the other night.  Damn Nelson hitting that jumper with four seconds left.  You are what we thought you are, a young and struggling team that will provide some glimmer and disappointments this season.  3-6 so far.  Good thing that everyone outside of Boston in the division is pretty bad, so there's a chance for some Ws.  And, four of those six losses are against Miami and Orlando; two teams that will/should be battling each other in the playoffs come springtime.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heeee's Back

Selfish contract hold out and stupid, subsequent hamstring injury had really slowed down the start of the 2010 for Darrelle Revis as well as the entire Jets defense to be quite honest.  However Mr. Revis Island woke up last weekend, shutting down arguably the best receiver in the NFL, Calvin Johnson.  Megatron was limited to a paltry 13 yards and only one completion.

As I said.... he's back....

Just About Fed Up

I mean really, who isn't fed up with the Devils by now?  They've played 16 games and only got their 10th!!!! point of the season tonight.  That's a disgrace for such a high and proud and historically successful franchise.

Yes, I know there have been injuries.  But this team was under-performing before the main injuries took place.  Unless you're going to sit there and tell me that Bryce Salvador and Brian Rolston are the main #1 components of this team and with them our record would be flipped.  Yes, they did play better tonight.  They scored 4 goals.  They also allowed 4 goals and lost in a shootout.

This season sucks so far if you're a fan.  I went to about 12 games last season at The Rock.  I've been to only one so far with tickets for one more.  Any more than that, who knows?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Game Recap

I'm not even sure where to start on this one.  I said all along last week that I was not to confident going into the game and that the match up against the Lions scared me.  And I continued to feel that way until the last Nick Folk field goal went through the uprights and the Jets were 23-20 victors on the road in Detroit.

This was suppose to be an afternoon that allowed Sanchise to bounce back and regain his confidence against a weak Lions secondary.  Hell, Detroit even know that Sanchez had been struggling a bit and continued to put 8 men in the box and dared the Jets to win the game by passing the ball.  All Sanchez could do for the most part was overthrow and too widely throw his receivers.  Thank God that he was able to launch a beautiful pass down the left side line right before half-time to give the Jets some points, some momentum, some excitement and the lead before halftime.

Again though, in the second half, it was almost infuriating to watch.  I know that I was losing faith and getting extremely pissed off at how the team was 'moving' the ball on offense.  Use of the quotation marks because they couldn't move the ball.  Down by 10, under three minutes to play and only one time out, really there wasn't much to be optimistic about.

Then, the offense woke up.  Just like that it seemed.  With precision, Sanchez moved the team, quickly, down to the 1 yard line before sneaking it into the endzone on a keep.  Ok, defense, let's go!  And they did.  Thanks to some boneheaded Detroit coaching, the Jets force a three and out and get the ball back with 100 seconds left.  The offense kept it up (who would have figured), kicked a game tying field goal, got the ball first in overtime, kept with the spread formation, huge catch and run by Santonio Holmes and then the game winning field goal.  Just like that.  That easy.  Jets win!  6-2.  First place in the AFC East.  Damn.

Some of my thoughts from Section 316... Ford Field, pretty nice.  Lions fans... well, you can tell they aren't from New York.  They do an entire sing along song after each Lions touchdown; too gimmicky and stupid.  Ndamukong Suh kicking an extra point?  Again, stupid.  The referees were way to flag happy, on both sides.  Jets are loving the turnovers lately. Brian Schottenheimer, horrible offensive coordinator, until the last 100 seconds.  Sanchez; ulcer giver.  Jets, 6-2, first place in the division.  Good teams know how to win.

All comments are welcome.

Friday, November 5, 2010

@ The Game

I've been lucky enough this season to already catch on Jets game live and witnessed a great second half comeback over the New England Patriots.  This weekend I'll be even luckier because I not only be catching the Jets game in person but will be doing so from Ford Field in Detroit as the Jets visit the Lions.

This is a game that scares the absolute crap out of me.  Hands down.  100%.  If the Jets had managed to win last weeks debacle against the Packers, I would have felt really, really good entering Sunday's game.  Now?  Oh the exact opposite.  Yes, the defense has been fantastic for the most part this season but the offense is just upsetting and disturbing.  Shut out last weekend, struggled like whoa three weeks ago in Denver.  Last week the #2 ranked running game in the NFL!!!! was held to under 100 yards and Shonn Greene only had four carries.  Jericho Cotchery and Dustin Keller were each extremely weak and had passes ripped out of their hands for interceptions.  And Sanchise, Mark Sanchez again struggled to find the right receiver some times and a case of happy feet.

But isn't that how all of us Jets fans feel after a loss?  That the world is coming down, the other shoe is finally dropping?  Who knows.  Maybe we'll see the Tomlinson and Greene combo that ran rabid in Buffalo, with each other them gaining over 100 yards.  Lets imagine Sanchize showing up the way he did in the second half against New England and in Miami; throwing for over 250 yards and two scores.  How about the offense line keeping their Q off the turf and not allowing Ndamukong Suh any freedom?  I truly believe that Matthew Stafford will have a much more difficult time this weekend connecting with Calvin Johnson for three TDs because Darrell Revis is healthy and showed that last week.

6-2 is much much different than 5-3.  Especially when your, currently, staring up and trying to chase down the Patriots.  It's time for every person on that roster to show up at the same time, the same game and play a complete Jets game.  I will be there, in the third row, endzone, upstairs.  I'll be there cheering and cursing and praying and rooting and hoping.  I hope they all show up as well.  Get angry boys and get it done.

Season Comes to a Close

At Red Bull Arena last night, in front of over 23,000 fans, the New York Red Bulls saw their 2010 campaign come to an abrupt close thanks to a 3-1, 3-2 aggregate loss to the San Jose Earthquakes.

RBNY entered the match sporting a 1-0 aggregate lead thanks to a Joel Lindpere goal last Saturday evening in San Jose but that lead disappeared pretty quickly as Bobby Convey struck for SJ's first goal only six minutes into the match.  The teams played at the score for most of the remaining match until the 76th minute when Convey struck again.  Potential departing Red Bulls DP Juan Pablo Angel connected only two minutes later to give RBNY hope and a tied aggregate score.  However, MLS Golden Boot winner Chris Wondolowski gave the visitors the final goal of the match.  New York subbed on two forwards for the final 10 minutes, including Frenchman Thierry Henry, but weren't able to get a dangerous shot on goal as time expired.

New York set an MLS record during the regular season for the largest increase of victories from one season to the next.  They finished in first place in the Eastern Conference with 51 points.  The team will now break for the off-season and reconvene in February.

Long Week

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, it's been a long one with work and training (check it out - Tough Mudder) and I basically just haven't had an opportunity to get on.

As per the usual this season, it's been extremely troubling to watch or follow my Devils.  As many a good people I know would say, "they give me grief".  It's still a complete shock as to why they are off to such a bad start as they are.  When the season began, there weren't any crippling injuries or concerns on the surface that would force people to question their ability.  But, ya start off with three loses and then pile on the injuries and next thing you know, you're wrapping up a six game road trip and staring at an overall record of 4-9-1.  For a team that is so sound, and so deep, and historically good, the record should easily read 9-4-1.  Who knows, maybe the turn around will come now.  They did finish off the trip with a pretty complete 5-3 victory in Chicago.  They play their best friends, the New York Rangers, tonight back at the Rock.  Win and the grass may be getting a bit greener.  Lose and I may be getting a bit greener.

Ahhhh, I don't even want to get into what happened last week during the Jets game.  It was putrid to watch.  And I think the reason it was such is because for almost the entire game the Jets were only one possession down, that's how amazingly great the defense played.  But the offense, for the second and arguable the third game in row, was trash and did not show up.  Sanchez has taken major steps back from Weeks 2-4 and all of the wide receivers seemed as if they were still on their Bye Week, except for Braylon Edwards.  Weird, I know.

I am excited about the slow-moving movements of the Mets.  Slow and methodical are the ways this organization will turn themselves around and I'm cool with that.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Welcome Sand Man

The New York Mets officially named Sandy Alderson as the organizations 12th General Manager earlier today at Citi Field.

What I need to say is welcome, good, and get it done!  I totally understand that next season will be the beginning of a rebuilding year.  Whether or not Sandy can get rid of Carlos Beltran (is that what we actually want?), Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez and Frankie Rodriguez, he can not be viewed as a miracle worker and someone who will make the Mets a championship contender in 2011.  Instead, we need you Sandy, all Mets fans need you to start molding the team for 2012.  We will not and can not wait longer.  This is New York and we are not very patient, if you haven't heard.

We can give you one year because you showing up at Citi Field today means we are finally done with the Omar Minaya era and that changes are coming.

Make these changes count.  Make the fans believe.  Make the fans hungry.  Make the fans happy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friendly Recap

Actual conversation from last night's Nets game:

Nets only down 4 with over two minutes left, Rob, "Can this team actually make me watch them this year?".  My girlfriend's simple reply "No".  Following a Richard Hamilton 3 to push the deficit back to 7, I go "Yeah, you're right".

But then wait a moment, a Jordan Farmer 3... a steal leading to a Devin Harris deuce plus 1... then with Harris falling down, a 3 pointer by Anthony Morrow and the Nets have the lead with under 30 seconds left and they pull off a great Opening Night victory, 101-98.

It was a back and forth affair the entire evening and throughout, I had a chance to come up with some thoughts for each of the players on the New Jersey roster.

Devin Harris - Will be the player that makes this team go. Can be streaky, day and night performances in each half.  When he's hot, he's hot and makes everyone else so much better.

Brook Lopez - The Beast.  So good, so smooth, so strong down low.  Should be a 20 and 10 guy every night.

Anthony Morrow - Role player of sorts for most of the game but a sharp shooter!  Can potentially be one of two players who become a decent threat from the outside.

Travis Outlaw - Lose the haircut first of all.  Stop the fouling.  Do something productive.

Joe Smith - Grandpa, just stop playing please.  You got a starting spot because Avery has respect for you, which is commendable.  But you will not be a factor this season.

Terrence Williams - Damn kid you looked good.  Played all over the court.  You can become a difference maker this season.

Kris Humphries - I don't like you.  I don't see the value.  You are a body to help spare some minutes, so there. Prove me wrong.

Derrick Favors - You are Beast #2.  First NBA game last night and you played great, especially in the first half.  You're young, you'll be limited in your minutes but you will be a key to this team, this year.

Stephen Graham - Who?

Jordan Farmar - Potentially the biggest off-season acquisition.  Comes from a winning pedigree.  Knows how to be clutch down the stretch.  

Johan Petro - Question mark.  Needs to be solid so Brook can get his rest.  If he struggles when he's on the floor, the team will have to go small and that can be an issue.

Damien Jones - See Stephen Graham

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

@ the game...

Really can't believe that I am spending time and money on a Nets basketball game but I figured that it's a new season and it's the first regular season game in a new building for them, so what the heck.  After last season's 12-70 mark, I will be floored if there is any sort of near capacity crowd tonight at The Rock.

I'll cheer on the team, all game long.  See, in the past, I would be able to say that I'd cheer on my team and try to pull them towards victory, but I don't know many players on this year's squad.  Only 4 players remain from the 09-10 team... Brook Lopez, Devin Harris, Terrence Williams and ??  That's right, I don't even know the fourth player.  I do know some of the newbies we got: Derrick Favors, Bo Outlaw, Troy Murphy.

Good thing about starting up a new season after such a disaster is opening up against a team most people think may actually be the worst in the league.  Thank you Detroit Pistons for potentially helping the Nets have a winning mark at some point this season.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tick tock, tick tock

Such a lull right now in my sports world.  Sure, three of my teams are in season, a fourth opens their season tomorrow and a fifth should be making huge headlines by the end of this week.  But for now, just a lull.

5-1 coming out of your bye, damn our Jets are in a great position.  I initially had tickets, but now don't have, but had a chance to go but in the end will probably not be at the Meadowlands Sunday afternoon when the Jets come back home and take on the potentially dangerous but underachieving Green Bay Packers.  Most likely I'll be in one of three places watching the game: my apartment, my parents house, a bar in town if Ch 5 is still blacked out.  A bit early in the week to put a prediction down on paper, but being a true Jets fan; you know they're going to win.

As mentioned in the previous post, the New York Red Bulls are the #1 seed in Eastern Conference and we recently just found out that we'll be going to San Jose to face the Earthquakes at 10 PM on Saturday evening before returning home to Red Bull Arena on November 4th for the second leg.  10 PM start on Saturday night, hmm?  A trip to Nevada Smiths might be in the works.

Then there are the f&cking New Jersey Devils.  This team is seriously starting to piss me off and worry the sh*t out of me at the same time.  I knew coming into the season there were going to be some bumps because of a new coach, a new $100 million man, few new defensemen, etc.  But not this.  2-6-1, worst win percentage in the league.  Averaging about 1.6 goals a game?!?!?!  Disgraceful.  And I think that's what's annoying me the most.  I can understand if we're giving up a lot of goals and playing about .500 for the season.  At least for the first part of the year, I can get that.  But just not scoring at all, that sucks and is bewildering.  I don't need to get into the amount of firepower we have, it's known.  Just get it done before this season is over and I'm left pissed off until next Labor Day.

Well then, lets hope for some sort positive vibe come from the Prudential Center in the next couple of days thanks to the New Jersey Nets!  Yup, that's right.  The Nets are opening up their season tomorrow night against the Detroit Pistons (I'll be there) and they can only go up from last season, right?  After winning only 12 games last year, I am being demanding and yelling for at least a 100% improvement.  That's right, I'll be satisfied with 24 wins.  Ain't that a hoot?

Last week was a three way great week for me with baseball.  1) The Mets didn't lose.  2) The Yankees are out.  3) The Phillies are out.  So from now until Spring Training, I don't care about any of the games that will take place.  I do care however about the GM the Mets may be announcing this week as well as the rest of the off-season and how this gentleman can turn the roster/organization back to a winning mold.  Time will tell, questions will be raised, frustration will probably grow a bit more.  But hey, they didn't lose last week.

Devils and Nets are in action tomorrow, Red Bulls on Saturday, Jets on Sunday and somewhere in the middle, the Mets will talk.  Let it happen soon.