Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where'd that Come From?!?

So due to injury I've been on medicine the last few days and I'll blame that on my insomnia.  So last night, around midnight, as I was thrashing around, I checked out the Mets score and saw them trailing 4-2 midway through the game.  Typical Mets, at least of the last month, I figured and I rolled over and fought my way back to sleep.

Out of habit as I'm getting ready this morning I check out the score to see the final and lo and behold the Mets won a shoot out, in extra innings!  I literally did a double take and air fisted as a read a 9-8 Mets victory.

Winning ballgames is all the that matters, no matter how heart wrenching those wins may be.  Such as last night's, which saw the Mets blow the lead at the end of the game and came so close to losing the game in extras.  But, they held on and won.  So far away but a game closer to .500.

It was a good feeling this morning to see the team not lay down and die.  They kept fighting and clawing and scratching.  Good job boys.

Start #2 for the rookie tonight.  Should be a good one.  Get at em Matt!

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