Monday, July 30, 2012


So two thirds of the Mets outfield that played majority of the first half of the season is down in Triple-A Buffalo.  And the other outfielder is Jason Bay.

Things are continuing to go south for the Mets as they let the second half of their season crumble underneath them.  Rookie Kirk Nieuwenhuis was sent down to the minors and the Mets activated Mike Baxter off of the DL as the troop gets set for three games in San Fransisco.  The same team that just got swept over the weekend by the Dodgers, so maybe the Mets can gain a bit of momentum.

Need to take baby steps in order to get back into this thing.  The record indicates a double digit game deficit in the NL East, but it also shows 8.5 games back in the Wild Card.

One series will not correct those numbers and automatically put the Mets back in contention.  But it can be a start.  An upward trend.

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