Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Falling Apart

Last night's game did nothing to help halt the bleeding that is the second half New York Mets.  The offense couldn't get anything going, other than two solo home runs.  The bullpen was horrific yet again in extra innings, witnessing Pedro Beato giving up six runs in the top of the 10th inning!

That all equates to the Mets falling 5.5 games out of the Wild Card spot, along with both Beato and Lucas Duda heading to the minors.

It's ripping apart at the seams pretty quickly now.  Sandy Alderson sworn in the off-season that the bullpen was his biggest upgrade and it sucks.  All fans and media thought Duda was going to the be big power bat in right field and over the past 5-6 weeks, he's sucked.

The swoon continues.  But at least for tonight, they got RA Dickey on mound.  It should help.  But only if he throws another one hitter.  Cause you know the bullpen and offense will let you down.

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