Friday, July 27, 2012

Well Done

Could not have asked for a better debut, huh?  Well done Matt Harvey.  Welcome to the Mets.  Welcome to the big leagues.

Now be our savior and repeat that performance every time out.

Harvey took the hill last night for the first time and pitched well.  5 1/3 innings.  11 strikeouts.  Only three hits and three walks allowed.  In short, he was dominant and looked as if he belonged up here weeks ago.

Going into his next start in San Francisco next week, Harvey can take the mound with confidence and a bit less pressure.  He knows he can pitch up here.  Not much more to worry about.

His stuff is the goods.  He was consistently hitting around 97MPH on his fastball and had command of both the changeup and curveball.  He didn't seem afraid to throw any of those pitches or to pitch inside when needed.

One game is only one game.  But it was a memorable game for the rookie and a great night for the organization.

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