Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big League Debut

Well, in a perfect world tonight would not be happening until September and maybe not even until April, 2013.  But as we've witnessed over the last two weeks, things are not perfect in Mets-land and the script has to be rewritten.

The future becomes the present tonight as prospect Matt Harvey makes his big league debut out in the Arizona desert.

Harvey's been touted for the Mets rotation every since he was drafted out of UNC back in 2010.  The time is now.  And if things go according to plan, and to all wishes, the time of minor league pitching is done and Harvey will be in the Mets rotation for the next number of years.

In what has become a potentially lost season, Harvey doesn't need to come up to the majors and become the new ace of the staff, a savior of sorts.  The best thing he can do is inject some new energy and excitement into this team, pitch well enough to keep his team in games, and to show enough that will keep management and fans confident in him next season and beyond.

No one should be to nervous about the make up of this kid.  Some think that he still needs some more seasoning in the minor leagues, that he's not quite ready.  My personal thought is that he's ready.  He's pitched four years of collegiate ball and two years of minor league baseball.  Matt Harvey is ready for the jump and ready to show New York what he's got.

Good luck Matt!  The ball is your hands tonight.  Go get em!

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